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        P & M Level

        Provincial and Ministry-Level Labs


        Key Lab of Aeronautical Science & Tech. for Aeronautic Electronics
        Key Lab of Aeronautical Science & Tech. for Multipurpose Aviation Reliability
        Key Lab of Aeronautical Science & Tech. for Advanced Simulation
        Beijing Key Lab of Polymer Based Composite Materials
        Beijing Key Lab of Special Functional Materials and Film Technology
        Beijing Key Lab of Advanced Computer Technology
        Beijing Key Lab of Network Technology
        Beijing Key Lab of Digitalized Design and Manufacturing
        Beijing Key Lab of Powder Research and Technology
        Beijing Key Lab of Emergency Support Simulation Technologies for City Operations
        MOE (Ministry of Education) Key Lab of Fluid Mechanics
        MOE Key Lab of Informatics Math and Behavior
        MOE Key Lab of Integrated Technologies for Precision Light/Mechanical/Electronic Instruments
        MOE Key Lab of Space Materials and Service
        MOE Key Lab of Design Optimization and Simulation of Space Vehicles
        MOE Key Lab of Complex Systems Analysis Management and Decision
        MOE Key Lab of Biomechanics and Mechanobiology
        MOE Key Lab of Micro/Nanon Detection-Control and Low Temperature Physics
        Lab for Destructive Physical Analysis on Electronic Components
        Aviation Lab for Data Communication and New Navigation System
        Aviation Lab for Safety and Failure Analysis Technology
        Lab of Software Detection and Evaluation
        Lab of Assistant Tech. and System for Body Recovery
        China-UK Joint Lab for Space Science and technology

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