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    School of Material Science and Engineering
    School of Electronic Information Engineering
    School of Automation Science and Electrical Engineering
    School of Jet Propulsion
    School of Aeronautical Science and Engineering
    School of Computer Science and Engineering
    School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation
    School of Economics and Management
    School of Mathematics and System Sciences
    School of Biological Science and Medical Engineering
    School of Humanities and Social Sciences
    School of Foreign Languages
    School of Transportation Science and Engineering
    School of Reliability and Systems Engineering
    School of Astronautics
    College of Flying
    School of Instrumentation Science and Opto-electronics Engineering
    College of Software
    School of Physics and Nuclear Energy Engineering
    School of Law
    School of Advanced Engineering
    Beihang Sino-French Engineer School
    School of International Studies
    School of New Media Art and Design
    School of Chemistry and Environment
    School of Marxism and Politics
    School of Continuing Education
    School of Modern Distant Learning

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